Rene Rawls
Writer, Producer, Author


As a former teacher, Rene Rawls finds herself passionately drawn to creating stories that capture those precious, magical moments of learning in awe-inspiring, refreshingly fun ways. Her work can be seen on the PBS show Lyla in the Loop (2024), and as the recipient of the Mandela Day/Tribeca All Access Award, her animated short film, Sule and the Case of the Tiny Sparks, was produced and screened at both national and international film festivals. Her picture book, Sule and the Case of the Tied-up Lion, received the Kirkus star and was selected as one of Kirkus Reviews' Best Indie Books of 2021. 

Rene’s comprehensive style of work on kids-inspired projects has led her to understand the critical importance of social-emotional learning, and as a result, she’s determined to bring more images of Black boys to preschool/bridge programming. In addition to being a Fred Rogers Fellow, Rene has participated in the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and the Showrunner’s Mentorship Academy. She’s earned two graduate degrees, is a proud graduate of Hampton University (HBCU), and loves being asked by kids to create more content.